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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 09:08:15 +0000 From: Mike M Subject: Revelation Series: Revelation 3Usual disclaimer apply! Ok, for those of you who remember me, which I doubt any of you do, don't start throwing rocks at me for taking so long to finish this one. I know I said that this chapter would be posted on the Friday or Saturday two weeks ago. Sorry:( The last two week have been hell for me and I haven't been able to write. So please forgive me?! Here are some words of wisdom: Never believe me when I say a chapter would be posted at a certain date; it's probably not going to happen! However, I would like sweet pre-teen pussy photos to thank ALL of those who supported me in this story - you know who you are! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! And a big thanks to J.B. for helping me with this chapter! Vielen Dank sehr viel! Sie pre-teen nude erotica sind das beste! Did I get that pre-teen mature man right? 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How about pot roast and mashed german pre-teen porn potatoes? Sound good?" "Sounds good!" I tried to sound russian pre-teen sexy thumbnails as enthusiastic as I could. "We've never had a dinner together as a family in a long time," she observed, pre-teen boysex mostly talking to herself. For the first time in several years, I walked to school all by myself, without Spencer by my side. But somehow, I didn't feel as saddened by this because it was quite a sunny, beautiful morning. The snow shone in a blinding white as the sunlight reflected off of the crystalline flakes. The air felt cool as it caressed my face at every stride I took. The sky was clear and blue, unusual for a winter's day. I absorbed everything and it filled me with a calming sensation. For that moment in time, I forgot young pre-teen bikini about my strife. As I neared the school, I could see that there were already a lot of students there. I got stares and whispers pre-teen incest sex here and there, but nothing drastic - not yet at least. I walked through the halls, head high, chest high, but inside, I felt like I was going to collapse of nervousness and fright. I was late for my first class. Naturally, as I came in, everybody in nude pics of pre-teens the room stared me down, not just because most of them knew I was gay, but also because I was late. My first hot naked pre-teens three classes I had with Spencer, so as I came in I saw him, next to my seat, look at me but turned back to his work. Why were we assigned to sit next to each other?!?! I sat down. I could feel the tension between us, but neither of us looked pre-teen russian model or said a word to each other the whole time. This went pre-teen fucking mpegs pre-teen sexy models on for all of the classes I had with him, but at least I only had one other pre-teen fuck dog class where I sat next to him. 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I could tell that they could see my face pre-teen girls models cartoon being deprived of color and the look of happiness because they suddenly looked concerned. Should I tell them the truth? As I was pondering this, they waited for an explanation. "Things pre-teens forum between me and Spencer aren't well right now," was all I said, trying to be simple, but providing them with the slightest, mildest form of the truth. They all looked sad. They know that me and Spencer had become really close. Luckily, they didn't ask why we were in bad terms because they know that when I give short simple answers like that, that means I don't want to talk about it, although I knew that they really wanted to know the details. However, their curiosity would soon be answered, as the pre-teen sex dogs guys from the football team walked by and threw pre-teen fuck picture s a used condom full of cum at me. It spilled on the table pre-teen small tits pics and some on my clothes. "Here you go cocksucker, it's warm and fresh. I know you wanna swallow it real bad," one of the guys taunted. pre-teen model non-nude art The others guys started laughing really hard. The worst thing about it was that Spencer was with them, as he was in the football team. topless pre-teens It wasn't just that Spencer was with them, pre-teens sexy video it was also because Spencer was laughing his ass off along with the other guys! I could feel myself burning from humiliation and anger, a dangerous combination. I was breathing hard, all of my anger rising from within. I was about to get up and beat the shit photography nude pictures pre-teen out of the guys because I knew I could do it, or at least I knew I could beat up one or two of them. However, I stopped myself, mustering as much of my self-control as I could. If I would have resorted to violence, I would have proven to me and Them how weak I am. Violence might be an young pre-teen nude easy way out, but it would inevitably lead to more trouble. Violence is a solution, but it's never the best one. So, I just tried to stay calm. They went away finally. I suddenly remembered that my friends were still pre-teen pictures movies sitting across from me. I look at them and their faces showed immense shock and confusion. "What the fuck did just happen?" asked Allan. Sarah suddenly gasped and analyzed, "Is that pictures of nude pre-teens why you and Spencer aren't talking? You're gay and then he found out!" WOW smarty pants I thought sarcastically to myself. "Yeah, didn't you know about that big commotion yesterday?" I spoke, whispering and looking down. "Oh so that's what that was all about!" I looked up to see how they would react to the discovery of my sexuality. They were all just looking at me. Allan just stood up and walked away. We all looked at him leaving. pre-teen dee and desi Then they all looked confused, as if trying to figure out what to do next. I couldn't stand this, not another episode of rejection. Unfortunately, the guys from the football team came back again and walked close to the table once more. non-nude pre-teen models "Did you like my hot cum," dared the same guy who threw it at me. illegal pre-teen photos I decided to fight back a little. "Yeah, it was great, man. It tasted even better when I figured that non nude pre-teen you were probably thinking of my hot body while you shot pre-teen girls fucking dads your load. Asshole!!" Then I ran inside the building to the library, leaving my friends behind. I felt bad for leaving them like that, but it seemed like they were going to reject me and I didn't want to experience that again. Plus, nudist pre-teen teen I didn't want to risk getting beat up by the football team. But the look on their faces was priceless! The library was surprisingly full, but there was one more unoccupied table left, so I went and sat there. I started doing my homework so I wouldn't have to deal with it later. Then, after ten minutes, a boy cute pre-teens in panties came into the library. I've seen him around; he's pre-teens pantyhose pretty attractive. Not as much as Spencer, but hot enough for a boner. I continued to do ls-magazine pre-teen romplvideos my homework. "Could I sit here?" he asked, startling me as the deafening silence was shattered by his sexy voice. I kds pre-teen cock pre-teen looked around and noticed that there was one table whose occupants must've left since I was in here, so it was empty. "Sure," I said, unsure of why he wouldn't just sit at the empty table. "Thanks! I'm Chris by the way," he said while extending his hand to me. "I'm Mike. Nice to meet you!" I replied as I shook his hand. He smiled, but there was an uncomfortable silence afterward. So, I went back to my work as he sat down and took out his notebooks. We were silent for about a few minutes. "What math class are you taking?" he, asked shattering the barrier of silence once again. "Um, I'm taking calculus," I replied, wondering why he asked such a question. I didn't have to wait long for an explanation. "Tight! So you've taken geometry before? You're a junior, right?" "Yeah," I answered to both pre-teen naked galleries of black pre-teen xxx his questions, but leaving out the fact that I've been advanced to several math classes because I was too smart for the ither ones. "Geez, man! You must be real smart, coz I'm only in geometry, and that's like two math courses behind calculus and I'm a junior nude pre-teen babysitter like you!" I free pre-teen pics model was silent. I didn't know what to say. "Anyway, can you help me with these vectors? We have a test tomorrow and I don't know any of this shit! If I flunk this test, my dad's gonna take away my car!" "Um, yeah, sure," I replied, unsure of myself. So I proceeded in explaining the concepts of vectors to him and he seemed to get it. german pre-teen models Then the bell rang. Before we parted to our separate ways, he stopped me. "Thanks a lot dude! Do you want to hang out sometime?" he asked I was shocked bbs pre-teen nude art and scared. Didn't he know about me? What if he was just trying pre-teen supermodels to trick me? I decided to ask him. "Aren't you worried what people are gonna think? I mean, you do know about me, right?" "Yeah, but who cares what other people think! Just because you're gay and we're seen hanging out, doesn't mean that were going out and having pre-teen girls undressing sex!" "Ok. Then I'd like to hang out with you." "Cool! How 'bout after school today?" "Better not, coz my mom's making this big dinner and she really wants us to be together. You know how mom's are!" "YA!! Ok so just call me or I'll call you or whatever, alright?" "Sure!" Then we exchanged numbers. I wonder what the people who saw that were thinking. But Chris was one of the popular ones like Spencer and everyone knows that Chris fucked a lot of girls, with a new girlfriend every two weeks, so whatever he seemed to be doing with me wouldn't have mattered to the other students because he had a straight license. I'm surprised he was fine with the fact that I was gay, and he 100 best pre-teen models even asked me to be friends with him! This is turning out to be a good day after all! The day went on and the classes were finally over. I was walking home feeling uplifted, despite the bad events of the day. I was just happy that I made a new friend. The clouds rolled in gracefully. But free pre-teen girls sex their graceful movements were a herald for an unpleasant event: a storm. The winds pre-teen and naked awoke, beginning to grow cold and beginning to gain pre-teen models free sites speed. free pre-teens fucking The great fervor of the shining sun was now just a hint of light against the dense clouds. The trees became ghostly images as they stood under the growing darkness. However, even all of this could not bring me down from the euphoria I was rarely in. I heard noises in the trees beside me, but I ignored it as much as I could. I remembered the nightmare. Then suddenly, an arm grabbed me and brought me into the trees and in to a secluded area of the park. I was near death from the nervousness and fright I was in! "Relax, it's me! Remember me?" It was the boy who kissed me in the hallways That Day. "Hey," was all I could say above my panting. "I've been wanting to talk to you since you know..." he trailed off and looked down. I was kind of angry at him for being a major part of our outing. Why did he have to be so careless? Why did he let his small underage pre-teen nude head think before his big head? But part of me didn't want to fully blame him. "I wanted to tell you," he continued, "that we will be moving to a different city tomorrow. But that's not what I really wanted to tell you. I wanted to say sorry for what I did." By now he was crying softly. "You don't ha -" "No! I have to do this! I'm so sorry for being so careless and outing us both nude pre-teen boy sites at school. I didn't know that o was gonna get us in this shit, or else I wouldn't have done it. It seemed like the perfect time to do what I did when I saw you walking in the 'empty' hallway. Obviously not! I'm so sorry, please forgive me! And it kills me that I'll leave you like this and not be able to be here so we could face this together, but my parents have known about me, and were ok with it, for a while now and when they found out about what happened, they immediately looked for a different place where I would underage pre-teen porn free be safe. God, I hate to leave you like this to face the future! Please forgive me for everything! This illegal pre-teens is so fuckin' messed up!" By now, he was crying pre-teen lollitas really hard pre-teen modells and yelling. Luckily pre-teen russian models no one was in the park. "Hey, it's ok, man. Don't beat yourself up about this. There's really nothing to forgive, but if it'll make you feel better to hear me say it, then I forgive you. I have to admit that at first I was a bit angry with you for doing what you did, but then I thought about it free pre-teen pissing and decided that things happen for a reason and that sometimes people can't help what they do. We all get so horny that we can't control what we do sometimes. You don't need to punch yourself about this. Yeah, what you did caused a major turning point in my life, which pointed me to a road that is not easy to travel on. But you know what? No matter what we encounter in that road, we'll learn from it. And that's what'll make us stronger." I was trying to say this in my most soothing voice to try and calm him. It illegal pre-teen pictures worked, because now his tears stopped flowing from the balls through which he looks. I was glad to see a smile of relief and realization begin to form on his beautiful mouth. "Wow! I never thought of it like that. Thank you for telling me that. It makes me feel pre-teen russian models naked better and more, I don't know, inspired? Yeah, that's it, inspired." He was smiling fully now. I reached out and dried the tears on his face with my hands. "Well, I guess this is goodbye then, huh?" I said, sadness in my voice. "Yeah." He replied softly, and then pulled me into a tight hug. "Take care, man. Always remember what I said, alright?" I said. "Ok, I will. And take care also." "By the way, I never did get your name," I informed, slightly embarrassed that all this time I never knew his name. He smiled his pre-teen nude camp cute smile and said, "Mike, just like you. pre-teen video models To be more exact, Michael Sanders." Then he walked away, walking towards his destiny. I watched free pre-teen girl anime him until he pre-teen thong disappeared into the distance. The temperature was now almost freezing and the winds howled pictures pre-teen nude mightily. I headed home. After I finished the rest of my homework, I cruised the net for a while and then my mother called me down for The Dinner. I sat at the computer chair for a while before coming down. I was just thinking. I was thinking of the new friendship I had formed today, and pictures of non-nude pre-teens the talk I had with Michael. Suddenly, I began to look at this battle in a different light. Amidst all of dutch pre-teen porn its darkness and suffering, a flicker of hope and salvation shines with glorious luster. free pre-teen pic sites It's there to light the way if I so desired. I felt a surge of renewed energy pre-teen boy naturist for this battle. At the dinner table, we were all talking happily pre-teen model sites like a normal happy family. Then the phone rang and my dad went to get it. After about five minutes, he returned. It was as if color was afraid to dwell in his face, as his face was pale, and he had a look of shock pre-teen non-nude boys and anger and other emotions, which I could not scrutinize. Mom and I became worried. "I was just on the phone with Spencer's dad. Apparently, they noticed that Spencer has been different since yesterday, so they asked him what was up. He told them that you and japanese pre-teen sex doll him were not friends anymore because he found out you're a fuckin' fairy!"A searing light flashed across my eyes and then darkness.... Well, what do you think? Please send comments, criticisms, opinions, etc. to: I'll try my best to post more often!
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